Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Ill-Gotten Gains

I didn't mean to steal the cheese.  Really.

Monday afternoon I "ran" to Costco.  Again.  I cannot keep away, even though it takes me a half hour to get there, and a half hour to come back.  Anything to keep me out of the dreaded local Walmart.

I grabbed my produce, cheddar and string cheeses, bread, tortillas, hummus, baggies, milk, Craisins and whatnot and put them all in my giant cart.  I had both Annie and Maddie and their coats in the shopping cart as well.  I got up to the checkout and put everything on the conveyor belt and paid for my goods.  I handed my receipt to the lady at the exit (who drew not 1, not 2, but 3 smiley faces on our receipt) and headed out to our minivan.

I wrestled my little run-aways into their car seats and seat belts and then proceeded to unload the groceries into the car.  All was rosy and bright until I grabbed the coats to throw in the car and there was the cheddar cheese.  Probably not paid for, but outside the store.

I rummaged through my purse and found the receipt.  Milk, bread, tortillas, string cheese..... but no cheese. 

Oh dear.

The kids are already in the car.  How bad would I feel about just going home? 

It's just $5.  I'm sure I've been overcharged for numerous things at Walmart.  (When I pay attention- I find it happens pretty regularly.)  It's probably even happened here at Costco a time or two.

But then I pictured trying to eat the cheese.  I would be filled with guilt every time I opened the fridge. 

Stupid conscience.

This inner argument lasted almost 5 minutes.  (I know, I know.  I'm a bad person.)

So I grabbed the cheese, shoved it in my purse under my wallet and walked back into the store.  I walked until I found an aisle with no one there, dug it out and then walked to the check out stands.  I kept waiting for the Loss Prevention people to come corner me and ask why the cheese had been in my purse in the first place.  But nothing happened, and I paid for the cheese.

And walked out again. 


Tasha said...

Ahhh! So my kids haven't stolen anything (yet) but once I counted my cobs of corn wrong, I was off by two. I don't know how I did that? The cashier just trusted my number. I didn't realize my mistake until I got home...I didn't know if I should return the two or what? They next time I went to the store and bought corn I had them charge me for two more. I didn't want to feel guilty forever about it. (Sorry about the long comment :)

Bridget said...

I've discovered stuff after the check out, too. If I don't feel like waiting in line again to pay, sometimes I just put it on the first shelf I see in the store.