Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day Weekend

We asked Ryan's parents to come watch our kids for a day during this long weekend.  They chose Saturday to be the big day.  So they drove over in the morning, and took all the girls (and our minivan) for the day.  When Rick and Kim arrived they said, "I'm sorry we are only watching the girls so you can have a work day."  What better reason is there?  We can really accomplish a whole lot with no distractions.

We broke out the paint and went crazy.  Earlier in the week Ryan was trying to be helpful and did some touch-ups in the kitchen.  Sadly the paint has faded since it was applied and his touch-ups were pretty visible.  So we re-did the whole kitchen, plus painted doors and trim.  Kids are rough on houses.

I took some pictures of our crazy house on Saturday.
I was also trying to do some laundry.  What a mess.
Ryan also did some fixing in the bathroom.  The ceiling looked a little rough around the fan, so Ryan fixed it and spray painted the fan cover.  Afterwards we painted the bathroom so it is no longer stark white. 
We worked pretty hard until everyone came home around dinner time.  They told us about their day and we showed them what we got done.

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