Tuesday, May 8, 2012

....and I am a Mommy

Do you know what I miss sometimes?  Having a conversation with another adult (but here's the kicker) uninterrupted.  Talking on the phone uninterrupted. Talking to Ryan uninterrupted.  Talking to other moms uninterrupted.  I can barely get through a 90 second phone conversation without someone needing something.

Recently I tried to take all 4 kids with me to hang out with another mom while Dad was away.  It was kind of comical.  I was up, and down, and up, and helping in the bathroom, and mopping up a spill, and keeping the kids out of trouble, back to the bathroom, getting a drink, taking care of a fridge water dispenser puddle on the floor (I will never have a water dispenser in my refrigerator)....  Talking to my friend?  Not so much. 

Last night for Family Home Evening, Ryan took a rototiller to prepare a garden belonging to newer family in our ward (and his entourage came too).  Between trying to keep the kids from quarreling, throwing sand, knocking down someone else's sand castle, keep someone else from filling in the hole that was being dug, making sure shovels and buckets were shared, keeping sand from getting in long hair (failed that one miserably)- I can't carry on much of a conversation.  When we got home Ryan asked if I had a nice chat.  Um, yeah, sure.  I'm sure she thinks I am uninteresting and without the skills to carry on a conversation.

My college friend came by today for a couple of hours with her two little girls.  She lives in California, so I don't see her often.  It was wonderful to see her.  She is one of those friends that you can just pick up where you left off and have a great time.  Obviously things have changed since we were both single females in college.  But the relationship is already established, and it was easy to fall back into our old groove, even with the interruptions.  This is a good thing, especially after how I felt last night.  As I watched Charity drive away, I thought to myself, "I really should call her more often."  But as Annie started running away down the street after the car, and Maddie was picking all the flowers off the plants (she knows she isn't supposed to), I remembered- I am still stuck in the same place I was.  Interruptions are my life right now.

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