Thursday, May 24, 2012

How Thursdays Should Not Go

Insomnia struck again.  The more tired I get, the more likely it seems to plague me.  And I have been very tired.  I was horizontal in my bed for the required number of hours, but I was not exactly able to spring out of bed. 

When Ryan rolled out of bed to go to work, I said a little prayer- "Please, Lord, I need help today."

So when Maddie climbed in bed with me, I tried to be thankful for the opportunity for snuggle time.  You know, instead of maybe catching a few winks before having to get up.

I tried to be amused when Emma dyed the milk blue to be funny.  As a side note, Elizabeth and Maddie don't like blue oatmeal.  Also, by the time the kids were done with breakfast, we were out of milk. 

I even tried to be thankful that Elizabeth only required 3 reminders to put on her socks and shoes instead of the usual number.  This was after she spilled orange juice on the first pair I gave her.  And down the front of her shirt.

But when the car battery was dead again, well... the tears started coming.  Apparently I needed a morning walk with all of the kids more than I needed a working vehicle.  So I dragged the double stroller out of the shed and looked with despair at the clock which told me there was no time for me to eat breakfast.  We were going to be late as it was.

On the bright side, this was the first sunny morning this week.

It took us only about 20 minutes to walk to the elementary school.  Annie and Maddie wanted to walk most of the way back, so it was about a 30 minute return trip.

I called Ryan.  I said he couldn't come home today without a new battery for my minivan.  This is the outside of enough.  I had a dead battery yesterday too, but was able to flag down a running engine for a jump start.  Unfortunately our grand town, with two auto parts stores, doesn't have a battery for a 2006 Sedona.  They are having one shipped in from Seattle that should arrive tomorrow.  He took my threat to heart, however.  He's off to help someone with yard work after he's done at work, so he'll be late.


Rachel DeFreese said...

It's going to be a GREAT Friday! You can walk to the library and the park for some fun and venting. I hate unexpected bad days!

Bingham Family said...

Oh Danae, you make my life seem a little more normal. Don't you love to know that there are lots of us who go through all these crazy things... we can laugh together (or cry)