Sunday, May 6, 2012


Annie and Maddie love to help.  They love to use the vacuum.  They love to fight over whose turn it is to use the vacuum.  They love to scream and yell and whine while the other is using the vacuum.
If I vacuum, it takes me about a minute to clean the whole rug.  When the twins have their turn, it takes about 10 minutes between "taking turns" and their haphazard method.  Not to mention they are a little short, so most of the time the front end of the vacuum (you know, that actually suctions up the crumbs and fuzzies) doesn't in fact touch the floor.


Trouble Doubled said...

Hi, Loving the girls pics. I found you on Circle of Moms. I am in the UK, I too have four girls (a 7yo, a 4yo, and 15mo twins). I LOVE the Little Women stories too. I never thought I would have girls though! Nice to meet you.

Natalie said...

Vacuuming is the worst. I'm so glad Spencer and Kathryn can now vacuum their own rooms--I do worry about "fronts up" issues though! :)