Thursday, May 3, 2012

Seeds and Plants and Flowers, Oh My

I took Annie and Maddie on another "field trip" today.  This time to the greenhouse at the high school.  I was kind of excited about going.  From last Saturday to yesterday, Ryan was quite busy at a local Livestock Show and not home much.  Starting tomorrow is the FFA Plant Sale.  We have not seen Ryan much, and so getting to spent 40 minutes with him was a treat.  Even if we had to share him with others.
 The kids got to handle seeds and soil, and (hopefully) started two pea plants.
Ryan and his students are in a flurry of activity getting ready for tomorrow.  The greenhouse is full of plants on every surface- hanging, on tables, and the floor.  There isn't a lot of room for customers.  So Ryan thought they would try something new this year- outside his classroom and in the parking lot. 
The flowers are everywhere! 

For you locals- the Plant Sale is:

Friday, May 4th, 9 am until 6:30 pm
Saturday, May 5th, 9 am until 5 pm.

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