Thursday, May 31, 2012

At the high school

Yesterday about an hour before I had a meeting, my babysitter texted me to say something had come up.  Instead of watching his own children so I could actually talk to the other adults about important things, Ryan had to stay at the high school.  The official job of bbq-ing hot dogs and hamburgers had been passed to him at the last minute.  I had my meeting right as Ryan was getting off work, so I was going to drop the twins off with him a couple minutes early, and then he'd make it home before Emma and Elizabeth got off the bus.  So I didn''t get to go to my meeting.

Instead I oversaw homework.  I made dinner for Emma, and then packed up all the kids (and a neighbor) in the car.  I dropped Emma and her neighbor friend off at Activity Days, and then took the rest of us off to the freshman orientation BBQ.  I got to help with the grilling.  And I managed to cook without singeing any arm hair, which is more than others might be able to say (coughRYANcough). :)

About 45 minutes later, I took the kids in the gymnasium to get some food of their own.  While we were standing in line, the lady in front of me asked if Elizabeth, Annie and Maddie were my sisters.  "No, they are my kids."

Elizabeth piped up with, "My sister Emma isn't here.  She's at church tonight.  She's 9 years old, and I am 7!"

The lady in front of me looked me up and down, and then looked at her incoming freshman daughter.  That look said, "You are not becoming a teenage mom like so many people around here."

I felt defensive.  So many things came to mind-  I am sufficiently old enough.  I was married a year and a half before my first child came along.  I finished 3+ years of college before that first child.  My husband is a teacher here (and has been for 8 years).  I know I still look young, but for Pete's sake, I am old enough!

So, of course, I didn't say anything.


Bridget said...

Wow. If she thinks you're a teen with a 9 year old, that's impressive. I used to look young...well I still do...but I think I've just yelled so much at my kids that people now believe I'm old enough to have them. So maybe that lady wasn't commenting on your young face and trim was probably your calm and sweet disposition. :o)

Danae said...

I think I just look like one of those girls who just started too young; not that I'm still a teen now.
I doubt that yelling at your kids makes you look old enough to have them. If that was the case- I would too...

Bingham Family said...

I would be so happy to have someone think I was that young. Sigh! Danae, I was just telling my friend about you YESTERDAY and the story you shared when a couple high school boys hit on you for a ride home. So funny! Be thankful for youth and beauty girl... when we are all 60, you are still going to win beauty pageants. :)