Friday, June 8, 2012

A Look Back to Mother's Day

I know I've been sort of MIA for a while.  Spring is crazy busy around here, and I've been just feeling tired and grumpy.  Not the best frame of mind, but it is what it is. 

Now that I'm far enough away from Mother's Day to have a sense of humor again, I thought I'd share.

Ryan was away for Mother's Day weekend for FFA State Convention.  It was done at midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning (at least that's when the dance was officially over), but they thought they would spend another night there and head home first thing in the morning.  This means I had two nights of sleeping with my cell phone and clutching the covers up to my eyes.  Every squeak of the house, every time the kids kicked the wall in their sleep, I heard.  It was not the most restful.  I am positive there were serial killers, maniac burglars and ninjas outside my window, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.  After a few hours of fitful sleep, my phone beeped at me with a text message at 6:45 am.   It wasn't Ryan saying they are home early.  It was a "Happy Mother's Day" text from someone else.  "@#$@% Mother's day" to you too, I thought to myself.

I wrangled 4 children into dresses, church shoes and decent hair-do's and made it to church before it started at 10 am.  Then came the fun of keeping them all quiet for 70+ minutes.  Aside from the sweet musical number from the Primary children (which all 4 of them participated in for the first time!), I didn't hear much of the meeting.  I was too busy being a mother to hear the heartwarming tales and lessons of motherhood.  Oh well.  I refrained from pulling out my hair and hogtying my children, so I figured I had done well.

About halfway through church (the 3 hour block), Ryan showed up.  He was home early!  I saw him in the hall and tried to hug him.  His eyes were bloodshot, and he winced when I embraced him.  Uh oh.  This does not bode well.

I knew he hadn't been sleeping well in the dorms.  Teenagers away from home don't tend to go to bed early or quietly.  I knew he'd be tired.  What I didn't expect was that he'd come home wounded.  He wouldn't even tell me how he'd hurt himself, so I knew there was a story and probably a dumb explanation.

About 24 hours later, he finally told me.  He was racing one of his students.  After beating this particular student, he went back and jogged backwards while taunting.  Whether or not the trip was accidental or on purpose we'll never know, but the student fell, pushing Ryan into one of the vans they drove. 

His back and ribs were all messed up, and it hurt him to bend, move and breathe.

So Ryan took it easy and got a nap while I watched the children, made the meals, and cleaned up our messes.  Then I set him up an appointment with a chiropractor for Monday morning. 

Happy Mother's Day indeed.  I think for Father's Day, I'm going to let Ryan fix dinner and I'll take a nap.

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