Monday, June 25, 2012

Conference Week Begins

Every year Ryan has a conference he goes to.  He earns "clock hours" there which in turn can be redeemed for "credits" (when a sufficient number is reached) which means he can keep his teaching certificate current.  This year's conference was a half hour away from Ryan's parents, so the girls and I spent quite a bit of time there.  It's a lot nicer than a hotel room for longer periods of time.

Today while Ryan, his dad and his sister Caitlin were at the conference, I was the official girl wrangler.  Luckily, I had notice and came prepared.

After breakfast, getting dressed and hair done, we started off with Craft Time.  The kids made 4th of July paper lanterns.
Afterwards, I taped crepe paper streamers to the hall wall and made an obsticle course.  I was trying to explain what it was exactly, but luckily everyone had seen Barbie and the Princess Charm School, so they all understood the ducking between the laser beam concept.
 One hallway wasn't enough, so I had to do the stairs too.
After lunch, we played at a nearby elementary school playground.  The kids played Billy Goats Gruff, except there were four goats, and I got to be the troll.
At the end of the day, I piled everyone in the minivan (Emma got to ride in the front seat, which she was very excited about.  I had run out of back seats...) and we drove up to the conference at the Best Western hotel.  And then we enjoyed the hotel pool.

Whew, day one done.

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