Friday, June 29, 2012


Last day of conference.  I was pretty excited that we were on the home stretch.

I connected with my cousin Nichole, and was able to go see her.  She was watching a couple of kids, so between her 4, my 4, and the 2 extras... I was impressed we were able to actually talk a bit with 10 kids running around.  (Actually, Emma wasn't there for half of the visit.  Grandma kidnapped her to go get her first pair of "Show Boots."  Emma is showing a 4-H pig at the fair in August.  More to come on that.)
Afterwards, we drove up to Bellingham again.  Ryan had a break, so we drove around Bellingham looking for Boulevard Park.  I lived in Bellingham and went to college there once upon a time.  You'd think I'd remember how to get to the place Ryan proposed...  Well, we found it eventually.
 The bench where Ryan asked me.  Awwww.  Photo courtesy of Emma of us 11 years later.

Again though, Bellingham has become a little over-grown.  The bushes have become so big, we couldn't see the bay.  Lame.
 The good news is, I did remember that the park had some play equipment.  Children's play areas were not on my radar 11 years ago.  The girls liked playing on the "ship."

At about 5 pm, Ryan was done.  (And Rick and Caitlin too.)  Hooray!  We went out to dinner with Ryan's parents to celebrate the end of conference.
Ryan decided that we might as well go home as stay another night and then get up at the crack of dawn to make it home.  So we packed everything up, and left at about 8:15 to come home.

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