Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Blessing

I am waaayy behind in posting this.  My new niece, Claire, was blessed at church at the beginning of the month.  My sister's ward starts at 11 am, so we were up and left our house well before 7 am to make it there in time.  We made good time and arrived just before 10 am, which left us an hour to get the kids dressed (since they traveled in their pjs), fix hair, eat some snacks and get our wiggles out before church started.
After sacrament meeting and the blessing, everyone who came for the event were invited back to Janelle's apartment for lunch.  It was a full house! 
 The kids had a picnic on the floor in the kitchen.
Emma and cousin Alex.

After a nice visit, we piled all back in the minivan for the trip home.  The kids did really well with all that sitting and traveling.  I was impressed.

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