Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

We appreciate Daddy.  
The kids think he makes a great pillow.

When I asked Ryan what he wanted for Father's Day dinner, he said he wanted to grill something, and he wanted Chocolate Cake.  (And yes, when he said it, you could tell there were capital letters involved.)  I turned him loose in Costco to look for his grilling supplies, while I took 3 little girls to the bathroom, and he chose some Hebrew National hot dogs for his Father's Day dinner.  Ok, I might have been picturing something a little different, but if it makes him happy...

So after church today, I rolled up my sleeves and made Ryan his chocolate cake.  Literally 2 minutes before our company for dinner was due to arrive, I finished frosting the cake and I started to pull the wax paper out from under the sides of the cake.  One of the pieces was sticking a little.  Then I noticed the cake was tearing.  In half.  One side was moving with the wax paper towards the side of the cake plate.  Oh..... dear.  I started freaking out.  Ryan and the kids came running to see what the matter was.  Ryan told me it didn't matter, and it would taste fine.

Wrong answer. 

The cake is supposed to look pretty.  We have company coming.  I don't care if it tastes fine.  It will be seen.

What time is it?  Do I have time to hide the cake and make cookies?  No. 


So I used a fork to try to scoot it back together.  Then I used a little of the ganache that was left to try and fill in the gaps.  It wasn't too noticeable. 

I think dinner went well.  My kids have a tendency to get in other people's personal space and talk a blue streak.  I always hope we come across as tolerable, and semi-normal.  And our guests were polite and did eat a piece of my ugly cake. :)

This is the left over cake, after Ryan helped himself to a second piece.  You can kind of see the fault line where there isn't cake.

Happy Father's Day Ryan.  We love you!

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Tasha said...

Your cake was really really good!!