Friday, June 22, 2012

The Queens of Drama

Emma and Elizabeth really enjoyed Drama Camp this year.  It was a nice way to start off the summer, still seeing friends and doing something everyday, but shorter hours than attending school.  Today was the performance and the theme was The Wizard of Oz.  Each grade got a different song to perform, and they displayed their props and little costumes they worked on over the course of the week.

It's always tricky to try and pick out your progeny from far away, especially when they are all wearing the same shirt.  But I found them!
Elizabeth is the second over from the right (below).
Emma was in the back row (inexplicably- why on earth do they put the short ones in the back??) and can be seen between Dorothy and the Scarecrow:
For the finale, all the groups came back on the "stage" (or the gym floor) together.  Emma was on the very top of the riser, on the left under the Pepsi sign:
Afterwards, some of the kids from church got together for a picture:
The kids all did a great job.  It's so fun watching them sing and dance.

At some point during the course of the morning, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to go to the performance.  After I dropped the kids off at the middle school for camp, Maddie started complaining that her tummy hurt.  Then came the squirming, followed by the retching.  Oh.... guts.  Ryan was at a training and would not be able to go anyway.  What on earth was I going to do?  And why do I need more drama in my life?

Ryan saved the day.  He found a student willing to watch a sick child for an hour, so Annie and I were able to go.  Maddie had finished being sick by then, so the babysitter only had to endure a Barbie movie.

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Jill said...

how fun!

i was laughing that your poor babysitter had to endure a barbie movie!

my girls LOVE barbie movies, but we only have a few. their favorite is princess and the pauper...i get those stupid songs stuck in my head for days!