Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another story about twins

Today I attended a meeting at a local elementary school.  It was at an awkward time, so I had to bring the twins with me.  I brought books and coloring supplies and hoped for the best.  While I was waiting for the meeting to even begin (and everyone to show up), I had Annie on my lap, and Maddie was sitting on friend Tiffany's lap. 

Someone was trying to be helpful and found a box of Lego's and dolls and brought them into the conference room.  Annie and Maddie scooted off our laps to explore the new toys.

The lady sitting next to me looked at Annie and Maddie, and then turned to Tiffany and me and said, "Wow, they look a lot alike.  They look like they could be sisters."

I said, "They are."

"Really?  I thought one was yours and the other wasn't."

"Yep.  They're mine.  And they are twins."

I can see how it would be easy to be confused.

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