Thursday, May 17, 2012


The twins have entered a good stage in their verbal development.  They say some very funny things.  I'm just trying to write some of these down so I can remember.

Annie- "You go put pants on.  No go out in you jammies."  (My jeans were in the dryer, but the rest of me was "put together." While I waited, and got the twins ready to go.)

Annie- "You hold me on the toilet.  My bum bum is slippery."

Maddie- "Jesus wants me for a sunBEEP!"  (I think she meant "Sunbeam.")

Annie- "Don't kiss me.  Makes me sneeze.  And toot."  (I kid you not.  That's what she told me yesterday morning.)

Both- "Nebber, Ebber" (I think this means, "Never, Ever.")

Both- "You wuin my wife." (I can thank some movies for this precious saying.  Besides, I'm not doing my job properly if I'm not ruining their life.)

Both- "My pee is comin'."  (Every time we have a trip to the bathroom...)

Both- "Cheese Touch!"  (We saw the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie at someone's house, and the kids all picked the "Cheese Touch" up.  I've been touched by the Cheese Touch so often, I must smell really bad.)

Both- "Nuffing."  (This is a sure signal that something is up.  They will walk by me with their hands behind their back, and try to convince me they aren't trying to sneak something to their room.)

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