Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What She Wore Wednesday

Disclaimer:  I just want to mention that I do dress my children.  Seriously.  Unfortunately the pants never make it past the first trip to the bathroom. 


I like mocking people who just know they are cute and stylish enough to show off to the blogging world.  They can't beat my kids though.
Annie and Maddie are rocking their "Grandpa Camp" shirts.  Annie kidnapped a pair of my heels (Target), and Maddie made off with my boots (ebay) and a pair of nylons.


Sarah said...

I love this. you've gotta watch out for those girls! No pants and thigh high boots? scandalous!

I love the total innocence of kids.

Natalie said...

Their hair is super cute. I may have to start using nylons as a scarf in the future. Very trendy!