Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Here are pictures from Emma's first 4-H project.  She's got herself a pig, courtesy of one of Ryan's students.  Megan (the student) bought 3 pigs so she would have 2 good ones to show at  the fair in August.  She graciously offered her least favorite (which is still a nice pig) to Emma to get started in 4-H.
 Sunday was such a hot day.  The pigs were given some extra water, which turned the pig sty into a big muddy mess.  So, only Ryan and Emma went in.
 I asked Ryan to get some pictures.  He got a bunch of the pig.  The side view.  The back view.  (I'll spare you those.)  I asked Ryan if he got any of Emma.  "Was I supposed to?"

Well.... duh.

So he got one for me.
Check out those boots she's wearing, Grandma.  She likes them!

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