Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Camping, Day 3

Children who stay up late sometimes sleep in to make up for it.
 The older ones have even mastered the art of hiding from the morning rays of light.  I have to say that it perhaps wasn't quite as bright as it could have been.  It had rained most of the night, and was raining still when we left the campground.  Our stuff was a little soggy.  Ryan was a gentleman and braved the outdoors to procure breakfast for us so we could eat inside.
 Once we were off, we headed south to go home.  We stopped at another beach on the way.  Kahlaloch was a sandy one, with shells and sand dollars.  We parked on one of the pull-out parking spots and climbed down to the beach.
 I gave each girl a baggie to fill with shells, rocks, and other treasures.  Once it was filled, that was it.  Otherwise, if I didn't specify a limit, we could easily take a van load of special treasures that just couldn't be left....

A half hour into our playing at the beach, Annie and Maddie had to go potty.  Well.... there aren't any restrooms, or porta-potties, or anything.  So Ryan took them to a sheltered spot and dropped their drawers.  I was helping Elizabeth build a sand castle, and Emma went to go check on the others.  She came back and said, "Annie pooped!"  I looked over, and Ryan was still holding her, and said, "Oh.  Poor Ryan."  And went back to playing in the sand.  10 seconds later I hear Ryan shouting, "Well??"

"Well, what?"  I started walking toward him.

"Didn't Emma tell you?"

"That Annie pooped?"

"I need toilet paper.  Didn't Emma tell you I need something?"

"No.  Well, give me your keys then.  The toilet paper is in the van."

"Never mind."  Ryan stomped over to his backpack and I held the upset Annie.  He returned with a sock.

The sock was buried in the sand when all was said and done.  Next to the other mound in the sand.

FYI- Don't knock over mounds of sand.  You never can tell what might be underneath.


Nat Gallup said...

Looks like you had a great camping trip. Love the pictures! Camping is so much work, but kids love it.

Nat Gallup said...

Looks like you had a great camping trip. Love all the pictures!