Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My What?

While Ryan and Emma were away at a 4-H meeting, Elizabeth and I were having some quality time together.  As it was past bed time, we were reading, doing some math homework, and working on her 2nd grade sight words until they got home.  Elizabeth is not used to being alone in her bedroom, and wasn't keen on going to bed.

As Emma was getting changed into her pjs, Ryan and I were sharing the news of the evening.  Elizabeth, a little miffed at losing my attention, was standing behind me on the kitchen chair.  She was playing with the hair in my ponytail, and said, "Mom, I'm looking at your crack!"

I'm pretty sure my clothing was covering anything that could be considered my "crack."  I looked up at her and asked what that was.

She pointed at the part in my hair.  "There's your crack, Mommy."

"Sweetheart, that's my part.  What you see right there is called my scalp."

"Oh.  Ok.  It's pink."

That would be the only part of me that I didn't lather sunscreen on today.

Leave it to Elizabeth to find the the absolutely oddest substitution for a term she didn't know.


Rachel DeFreese said...

Man, if only I used this term at the salon! Also, if only I could keep a straight face while using the word.

Danae said...

That would be priceless! You can use it when you do my hair. :)