Saturday, July 7, 2012

Independence Day

Independence Day was a busy day.  The morning started off with Ryan off to play Ultimate Frisbee with some of his friends.  (While I stayed home and got the rest of us ready for the day.)  Once my sweaty husband got home and showered, we walked downtown for the parade.
It's another opportunity to watch farm machinery drive through town.
Afterwards we walked to Safeway to buy milk.  While we were there, we ran into Joseph W who invited us to a BBQ at his place.  James, Tiffany and their family would also be there.  So we picked up some fresh corn on the cob so we would have some kind of contribution to the food.
 There was swimming after lunch.

We were home for a couple of hours (where I made up some coleslaw with one of our own cabbages, and Ryan got a nap) and then we were off to another BBQ, this time at Rachel and Sean's home.  (Where I took no pictures.  Oops.)  There were about 25 people there. The BBQ was in their backyard and the weather was so nice.

We got home around 8, put pjs on the kids and watched a couple episodes of the Cosby Show while we waited for it to get dark.  Then we drove down to the high school to watch the fireworks show.
 Someone brought sparklers for the kids to play with while we waited.  We hid between some buildings since technically.... we weren't supposed have any.  We haven't played with sparklers for ages and it was fun.

Finally after 10 pm the fireworks show began.

It was such a fun day.  We have wonderful friends, and had a great time spending time with them.

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