Sunday, July 22, 2012

Somewhere to go

I've been really kind of bummed and depressed about this whole house selling fiasco.  Our summer is getting away from us.  It's past the middle of July and all we have to show for our summer is a house full of boxes and a grumpy family.  Last Wednesday was bad.  Ryan was still going to his GLAD training conference, the kids were not the happiest, and I just wanted to sit and cry.

So I got online to see if we could do something.  Anything.  Maybe go camping?  Camping can be cheap.

Most of the camping places with websites had filled up.  I guess most people plan ahead for their vacations.  There was a KOA available, but not where I really wanted to go.  This left flying by the seat of our pants and finding a campsite in the Olympic National Park.  It is first come- first served, and $12 a night.  Hopefully we could get there early enough to get a spot.

When Ryan got home, I showed him what I'd found.  He was game.  So Thursday was spent trying to find the boxes with our warm coats and camping gear in the piles of taped up boxes, and a trip to the grocery store for everything else.

It ended up being a really fun trip.  For $12 a night, we got a fire pit, a place for our gargantuan tent (it's for 10 people, so there's room for four squirmy children, two adults, and a pile of gear), and flushing toilets.  No showers, but I can manage camping with flushing toilets for a couple of nights.

Pictures to come.

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