Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Another First, for the last time

So many times I want to hit the pause button on life.  My kids are literally growing right before my eyes, and are changing and learning new things all the time.  Annie and Maddie no longer fit into size 6 clothes, and aren't even 6 1/2 years old yet.  My babies are refusing to stay little, and there are days this makes me so sad.  A tear or two may escape as I pack the too-small clothes up in bags to give away.  There are a few things that have been handed down from Emma to Elizabeth, and from Elizabeth to the twins.  I think those make me the saddest to give away (if they've survived at all).  So many memories attached to those things.  Trips taken, giggles had, and moments of cuddling, as well as the hole made from when Elizabeth bit Emma's shirt, or the time Annie wiped her mouth on her sleeve, and I didn't pre-treat that particular spot.  

Maddie, my youngest by 9 minutes, lost her first tooth today.  I was fairly certain she was going to lose it today.  We were hoping it would make it to school before she lost it, because then Maddie's name would get written up on the calender for losing a tooth.  I sent Maddie to school with a plastic baggie, and that's how the tooth came home.  She barely made it into her classroom before it came out.
Maddie is my last to lose a first tooth.  There's just something so final about that.

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