Friday, March 6, 2015

Kindergarten Concert

We had the privilege of seeing the kindergarten concert last night.  The school is all kindergarten, so they broke up the kids by hallways for the concert, and it was our turn.  It's funny, 5 of the 6 kids from our little co-op preschool are in the same hallway, so they were all there.  Annie, Maddie, Sean, Noah, and Jaxon all performed, and Kennedy sat in the audience watching her twin brother.  I sat next to Tiffany, so we were able to quickly catch up a little finally while waiting for the concert to begin, because someone thought it was time to go back to work with her kids all in school and we never talk anymore.  Humph.  

The kids performed a musical version of The Little Red Hen.  
 But before starting, the music teacher invited the parents down to take pictures of the kids.  I sent Emma to climb over everyone in the bleachers with the camera to get up close.
 Maddie asked for her hair to be curled.  Annie opted to have a pony tail, which is her choice every single day.
 We were over at one of the middle schools for the performance.  I was glad.  Bleachers are not the most comfortable of seats, but at least you aren't trying to dodge heads to get a decent view.
Maddie was given a speaking part, as Narrator #29.  She did a great job with her line.

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