Thursday, March 12, 2015

Turning 12

Emma is turning 12 years old.  Oh my goodness.  How did my little girl get so big?  

We celebrated a day early.  Ryan had to be gone on Emma's birthday, so we did presents after school on Tuesday, followed by crepes for dinner, and birthday cake.  We crammed it all in before running off to 4-H at 6:30.
 This girl still loves her books.

 Emma wanted white cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting.

On the bright side, opening presents early means you get to wear new clothes on your birthday.  Even if Dad isn't around.  (Again.  Excuse me while I grumble grumble grumble about the year from you-know-where.)
 After school, I picked Emma up and we went out for ice cream.

For dinner we had ravioli (Emma's other favorite dinner) and left over cupcakes.  Then, because it was a Wednesday, Emma got to go to her first mutual activity at church.  The Beehive adviser and some of the Beehive class came to pick Emma up as a surprise.  (I may have heard something about it ahead of time.)

So, there you go.  My eldest is now 12.  Definitely no longer a little girl.  Emma is beautiful inside and out, and I am so honored to be her mother.  I'm glad I have been entrusted to raise this wonderful and smart daughter of our Heavenly Father.

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