Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

Last night the kids separated into two groups to get ready for the leprechaun's visit.  Emma and Elizabeth attempted to make traps, and Annie and Maddie wrote notes to the leprechauns.
 I would lev (leave) the chaps (traps) Leprechauns.  By, Maddie   it is slipery (slippery)

The leprechauns took the notes from Annie and Maddie to heart, and stayed away from the traps.  They did wreak some harmless havoc, turning the milk green, and messing up couch cushions and turning chairs on end.

I love watching the girls the morning of St. Patrick's Day.  Even those getting kind of big to believe in the magical, are excited to see what has happened.  Elizabeth came downstairs before her alarm went off, wide eyed, and curious to see what kind of craziness would greet her.  The leprechauns were tricky and hid the chocolate coins this year on top of the door bell in the kitchen.

When the kids got home from school, they were all excited to smell the corned beef cooking.  We had the traditional Irish American dinner of corned beef, colcannon (with cabbage instead of kale this year, and cooked with bacon- yum!), and carrots.

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I love this post! The twins are too cute