Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Baby Kira

My sister Janelle and her family came for a visit yesterday.  I sent the kids to school in the morning, and picked them up at about 11 am.  (At least they got some school, right?)  It takes me about a half an hour to pick 4 girls up from 3 different schools.  Ryan even took the day off, spending the morning working on the never-ending homework and then the afternoon visiting.  It's not everyday you meet a new niece and cousin, and we were prepared to enjoy it.

Coming almost 2 weeks past her due date, Miss Kira was a whopping 10 lbs when she was born.  She hasn't slowed down growing since either.  This girl likes her food, and has the adorable thigh rolls to prove it.

My mom came for the day to see the family together.
 We had to pass the baby around.
 Everyone needed a turn.
 Little Claire is a doll.  She made herself at home with all of our girlie toys.
 She also impressed us with her dance moves.
 Annie and Alex hit it off.  The spent a lot of time outside during the afternoon, which of course I didn't get any pictures of.
Emma has been sprouting like a weed on steroids this last year or so.  We measured her against Nana, and she's closing the gap quite a bit.  She's pleased.  :)

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