Friday, March 20, 2015

The Chicken Update

I feel like I have an entourage every time I walk down our driveway.  Sometimes I take left-over pancakes, toast crusts, apple cores, or other kitchen scraps down to the chickens and turkeys, and so whenever I get close to the fence, they all come running to see me.  Since I walk down the driveway a couple of times almost every day, the birds are always running to see me.  Have you seen a chicken run?  It's awkward and funny looking.  But then, it probably looks the same when I run, so I suppose I can't laugh at them too much.
 Yesterday when we collected eggs, we found the usual collection of chicken eggs, a couple of turkey eggs, and then a giant egg.
This is the comparison shot- chicken egg, turkey egg, and this bruiser of a giant chicken egg.

I can't get the egg carton closed around that giant egg.  It's crazy.  I am surprised we didn't find a chicken turned inside out from pushing out that thing.  Seriously.

Ryan has a theory.  Maybe there's an ostrich that sneaked into the chicken coop last night and left us an egg for a laugh.

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