Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Balls of Fluff

Today is hatching day.  Well, maybe just round one of a couple of weeks of hatching eggs.  The kids get very excited to see the baby chicks.

 Once Ryan got home, we set up an old swimming pool with shavings and a warming lamp for the cute balls of fluff.
I have to enjoy them when they are small and cute, and you can hold them.  Once they are grown up, I find I have to arm myself against attacking roosters.  We currently only have two roosters, but they can be wicked.  I don't consider myself a violent person, but I've had to beat down the white rooster a few times.  And I don't feel bad about it.  I hate it when he tries to attack me from behind.  When he went after Maddie, I chased him for quite some time trying to beat him.  I'm sure it was amusing for the neighbors to watch me running all around the field with a 1 x 2 stake after that darn bird.

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