Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

You would think that listening to General Conference on Easter Sunday would be the perfect way to spend the day.  It should be.  What could be better than listening to the prophet and apostles teaching us how to become more like the Savior?  

Well, only if you don't have younger kids at home and can actually pay attention, is it the perfect way to celebrate Easter.  That's not the case here.

The Easter Bunny brought the kids some candy, but also pens, sticky notes, hair things, etc.  The EB was trying to cut down on sugar consumption.  Besides, those non-consumables last longer.  But between the fun of yesterday, and the candy the kids did get today and the excitement of it all...  I don't know how much listening was really done.

 We did have a nice tea party, though.
 And the kids wrote so many notes to me and their sisters.  I've found sticky notes almost everywhere.  During the morning session, I had sticky notes, a pillow, and Ryan's head on my lap.  I am a popular place to be.
I must find old men's voices very soothing.  I fell asleep, which doesn't happen very often during the day.

We had lamb for Easter dinner.  We are getting near the end of the lamb we had butchered last year, but it's been very good.

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