Monday, April 13, 2015

In which Annie masters using the telephone

I ticked Annie off.  Truthfully, I'm not exactly sure what is was that made her mad, but something did.  I probably did something awful like tell her, "No more snack.  I'm going to make dinner now."  You know, something atrocious like that would set anyone off.  Especially when it follows things like, "Eat over the table," "Stop dropping crumbs on the floor," "Only nice words, please," and, "You don't need any more crackers."

Annie shouted at me, "You're mean!  I'm going to call Dad!"

I had to ask, "What number are you going to call?  Do you remember Dad's phone number?"

Annie looked insulted.  She told me what she remembered, which was close, but forgot the two 5's in a row.  I made sure she got it right, and she called her dad.

Annie got right to the point, "Mommy is so mean!  You need to come home right now!"

To his credit, Ryan did come home relatively quick after that.  I was happy to have him home. But today when Annie was mad I wouldn't let her play games on my phone, she went back over to the counter, grabbed the phone and called her dad.

This is going to be a "thing" now, I guess.

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