Monday, April 27, 2015

Snippets From My Day

This morning I took Elizabeth to the doctor's office.  I took her in to prove Elizabeth has enough wheezing to warrant the use of an inhaler.  It would be nice to have when we are out hiking or camping, or even one of those middle of the night, "Mom (wheeze wheeze) I'm having trouble breathing (wheeze wheeze)."  I'm not very kind at 2:30 in the morning.  Early Sunday morning, I plugged Elizabeth into the nebulizer, and sat on the opposite end of the couch so I wouldn't breath in the albuterol.  After a game night with friends and getting to bed late, the last thing I wanted was to get jittery myself and not be able to sleep.

As it turns out, the Elizabeth's cold has gone into bronchitis.  We got the inhaler, and more medicine and tubing to take home.  

Before we left the doctor's office, Ty apologized for practically ignoring us at Costco a couple of weeks ago.  As he was talking to a sales person at the Verizon counter and had two kids with him, we kind of figured the most polite thing would be to leave him alone after saying hi.  I told him he should feel bad.  Can't you see we are totally more important than discussing cell phone problems?  (haha)

Then Ty asked if all of our kids didn't like asparagus.  I figured he was referring to this picture I posted on Facebook last night:
(Maddie trying to "sneakily" give that pesky asparagus away.)

Maddie is the only one of the family who doesn't like that particular vegetable.  All of a sudden, Annie disappeared from the table, and I heard something going on under the table.  Once I saw what was happening, they stopped.  I grabbed the camera, and told them to do it one more time.  I'm sure I'm teaching the kids it's ok to be naughty as long as they are cute about it.  Annie loves asparagus, and was happy to eat the left-overs.

After dinner tonight, Emma wanted her eyebrows plucked for the first time, mostly in that "unibrow" area.  She's a bit of a wuss, and Elizabeth kindly offered to let Emma squeeze her hand when she was hurting.  After a while, Elizabeth excused herself to lotion her hands and arms.  (Annie and Maddie were applying copious amounts to their skin while my attention was on Emma's face, and had plenty to share.)  When Elizabeth came back to let Emma squeeze her hand again, Emma complained she couldn't get a good grip.  (Touche' Elizabeth.)

When Ryan got home from work, Maddie was howling on the stairs while I read Hook's Revenge to the other girls.  He surprised me by arriving home a half hour early.  (Before 8!  Yay!)  I was only too happy to let Maddie fuss about not getting "her spot" on the couch, away from me until she could calm down.  Ryan was kind enough to listen to her sob story (told yet again) and help her to calm down.  Then he held her while she listened to the last few pages of the chapter.

It must be nice to be the dad and come home to the frazzled mom and be a calming influence.  I know I am grateful for him.

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