Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wise Birthday Party

James and Tiffany's kids all have their birthdays in April.  They decided to do a combined party for all the kids, and we were invited.  After dinner, there was a pinata for the kids.  I think the dads get just as much of a kick out of the pinata as the kids do.  Maybe for different reasons, however.  Ryan had one line of the rope, standing up on the tree house.  Job had the other, and that pinata got some good swinging.
 The kids were lined up, youngest to oldest to take their turns.  So out of my kids, Maddie went first.
 Elijah's scout bandana got some good use tonight.

Emma was the very last one of the thirteen kids.  After her, all three of the birthday kids got a couple more tries without a blindfold.  By the time Elijah was done, the candy was ready.

Then it was cake and presents, and play time.  It was so nice to get together with people.  It has not been happening as much as I wish it would.

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