Sunday, May 10, 2015

Amy's Baptism

Our niece Amy turned 8 years old this week, and got to be baptized yesterday.  
 She was baptized by her uncle Michael.
 Brynne and Emma
 Amy and her cousins that were able to come.  Emma was the lucky one to hold Charlotte for the picture.  We are glad Charlotte has gotten over the worst of her stranger anxiety and is content to let others hold her, at least for a while.  As Charlotte's dad was baptizing Amy, and her mom was playing the piano during the baptism service, I exercised my Auntie Rights and held her in the hall.  She was fine if she couldn't see her mom and dad.
 I think this was supposed to be a picture of Ryan and Emma, but Maddie kinda stole the show.

After the baptism, we had a family taco dinner, and then we all headed out to the shed Rick had built earlier in the day.  Michael and Ryan had to help with something, and Blair and I unsuccessfully tried to keep the kids clean.  Kim, my mother-in-law, thought this was great fun and took the following pictures.

The kids got so filthy.  It was so bad.  When we finally got home at 9:30 pm, we got all 4 kids through showers and baths.  Tired or not, there was no way those dirty bodies were sleeping in their beds like that.

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