Sunday, May 10, 2015

They Call Me Mom

With today being Mother's Day, the bishopric decided to seriously condense the early morning meetings, and so Ryan spent most of the morning with us!  It was so nice.  I think I could get used to seeing that husband of mine.  

Sacrament meeting was spent listening to fathers and husbands and sons tell about how grateful they were for mothers.  I think I got to hear most? some? of the talks while keeping the kids quiet-ish.  During the 3rd hour, all the women were able to go to Relief Society, which is the woman's group that I don't think I have attended in my own ward for 5 years.  I enjoyed the soft chairs, and the change of pace.  I could listen and learn, and there was no corralling of any younger people.  Amazing. 

After church, Ryan was home just minutes after we arrived.  Another happy thing.  He was able to snap this picture of me and my beautiful blessings.
The girls had been so excited to give me my Mother's Day gifts they made at school, that I got them all Friday.  I may have seen the ones the twins were working on during my volunteer time.  :)  Middle school students don't do Mother's Day gifts, though.  It seems a little sad that Emma has moved beyond that point in her school life.  Elizabeth, Annie and Maddie drew Mother's Day cards for me during sacrament meeting as well, so I had quite the collection of hand drawn memories to remind me of this year's Mother's Day.

Ryan made us orange chicken with rice for dinner.  We opened a couple bottles of Martinelli's cider to end our weekend celebration of NO MORE HOMEWORK.
 Emma made whoopie pies for dessert.  I think this is my favorite cookie right now. Mmmm.

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