Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Museum That Comes To You

The Burke Museum I had not heard of before this week, but they came to our school district and had a free family night.  It was nice- everything was touchable, and they had a little clue scavenger hunt to keep the kids interested.  After dinner I took the girls down and we explored.  It was held at one of the elementary school's gymnasium.
Emma might have been on the older/larger side of the target range.  The lab coats were one size fits.... some.

Ryan, the lucky intern that he is, was the Administrator In Charge of the event.  Seriously, wasn't there one actual administrator in the district who could have been there?

Towards the end, Ryan was "poopered" out.  I spied him propping up the wall.  Ryan has been go-go-go for so long that he's running out of steam.  Today he started the day by making substitute plans for his own classes, spent most of the day playing principal at one of the elementary schools, ran back to the high school to help with biology testing, had a meeting, and then supervised this event.

Maddie took this picture of the rest of us.  We got a little carried away with being silly.  But we were waiting around for the end of the event, hoping Dad could come home with us.  (Wishful thinking, as it turns out.)

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