Monday, May 25, 2015


We took our first family overnight trip in forever.  It wasn't attached to some school-related thing for Ryan, and he took no computer or textbooks.  I can't remember the last time that happened.  We decided to venture out and see our friends, the Quigleys.  So, Friday I packed, gassed up the car, and shopped for snacks while everyone was at school, and we left shortly before 4:30 pm.

I had to get a picture of our gear before I packed the car.  We've really streamlined.  This ain't bad for 6 people overnight.  There's so much more crud you have to bring with small children, and somehow we've moved past that stage.
 Annie was tired.  She totally crashed.
We made good time, and arrived in time to run around like crazy munchkins before the sun went down.  Sometime after 9 pm, we gathered the kids indoors for dessert before going to bed.
 Emma, Audri, Annie, Maddie, Charlie, and Elizabeth
 Saturday morning, I got a much needed haircut (thanks Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and then we headed out to Portland for some sight-seeing.  We rode the train into town.

 We had a picnic lunch, went to Powell's city of books, went to another park, and had an adventure trying to get back to the train again.
We made it back to our cars again, and went to dinner at IKEA.  Ryan and I had never been to IKEA before (gasp!), so that's where we all ate dinner.  The kids were all exhausted by this point, so after Sean and Rachel took their kids home, we could only do the quickest of glances through the store before heading home.  At some point, I will need to check out that store again.  Truly.

We had a nice visit.  Before we left, Sean told us to tell our ward "hi" from them.  Ryan wasn't scheduled to conduct or speak in church, so we just smiled and nodded and said sure, if the opportunity arose.

About 40 minutes into Sacrament meeting yesterday, it was obvious that the speakers were not going to use all of their allotted time.  Derek and Ryan (Bishop was out of town) were conferring during the last speaker, and Ryan drew the short straw.  He was going to speak, spur of the moment.

Good thing he had an opener already.

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