Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tales from the bathroom. Read on if you dare. Seriously, don't say I didn't warn you.

Ryan and I attended the wedding today of a young woman who used to babysit our kids.  It was outdoors, and over 90 degrees today.  Oh my freaking gosh.  It's not even June yet.  It was a lovely ceremony, but hot.  I have a sunburn to prove my case.

When we returned home, and I was desperate to use the bathroom.  I hightailed it upstairs to my bathroom, dropped the skirt, and sat down on the toilet.  In a little bit, I grabbed the toilet paper and started to unroll it.  That's when something hit my leg.

My bare leg.

That something had legs.

Eight of them.

I screamed, and started trying to brush the spider OFF OF ME.

It didn't work so well.  The spider starts running down into my underwear.

GAAAAAAHHHHHH!  How the heck do I get a spider out of my underwear?

I could not get my skirt and underwear off fast enough.  Once it hit the floor, the spider runs out, across the floor, and hides under our fancy sink vanity that is off the floor.  I can't get at the thing to kill it.  It's a spider in my house, and he pert near made third base with me.  He has to die, and I can't reach him.

My day needs to improve.

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