Sunday, May 3, 2015

High Fashion

This morning we had church, like all Sunday mornings.  Ryan had his early morning meetings, so it's me trying to get 4 girls ready, plus myself.  I can handle one or the other, but getting both done can be challenging.  You'd think it would start to get easier as the kids are all getting older, but somehow new challenges are presenting themselves.  ("What?  I have to get out of bed?  But MoooOOOoom!  I'm still tired and I don't know what to wear!")  In the middle of a particularly challenging morning with my preteen, Annie was also having wardrobe issues.  Annie wanted to wear her new-to-her tutu, but it doesn't quite cover enough by itself.  It's fine over leggings on a school day, but it wouldn't exactly be considered church attire.  I suggested wearing the pink tutu over a skirt, and I had a pink one in mind that might kinda go with it.  Maybe.  Well, Annie did not want to wear the pink skirt.  She wanted the blue and green tulle skirt that has the same kind of fabric as the tutu.  I shrugged, and decided to just go with it.  It matched the crocs she insisted on wearing to church just fine.  (haha)

Judge me if you dare.

(I snapped this picture to send to my mother-in-law.  Look at Annie's idea of a good outfit!)

We walked into the church building, and Ryan met us at the door.  He looked at Annie and then looked at me.  "So, you let her come to church like that?"

If you don't like it, maybe you should be at home in the mornings.  She's covered and decent, her hair has been braided, she was fed, and we arrived at the church building 5 minutes before 9 am church started.  I call that a win.

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