Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Journey Is Nearing Its End

Ryan has been just slammed with work.  Truthfully, I'm not sure how he's still functioning.  Ryan has done such a good job with his internship that he's been requested all over the district to cover at a school when an administrator is out.  I don't think that's entirely normal.  But with that, trying to keep up with his actual job (teaching...) and writing sub plans for all those days he's out and correcting the busy work he often assigns, his church calling, his family who like to see him sometimes, and all of his homework he is supposed to do, he's running on empty.  His professor at Gonzaga pushed up the deadline for all his projects to be completed and submitted, and so Ryan was determined to get everything done Thursday night.  We were taking pictures of papers with the cell phones, instead of scanning them onto our home computer and then me emailing them to him.  He showed me the ridiculous and often confusing number of steps it was taking to submit anything.  I tried to be his champion and cheerleader, but I failed after about 11:00 pm.  I took a picture of Ryan hard at work in his "study" and went to bed. 
Well, I went to bed after checking on the kids.  Annie and Maddie still crack me up.
Ryan said he finally got to bed around 2:30, and dragged himself out of bed again at 6:30 to make sub plans for his classes because he was "helping out" at one of the elementary schools for the day.

I took Ryan lunch, and brought him a piece of celebratory chocolate cake from Safeway.  He was beat, and still had the rest of a long day ahead of him.  

After school, he had his FFA plant sale.  We left at about 7 pm.

After a good night's sleep, he looked like a new man.  It was a very visible change in him to see that weight lifted.  Our life is not such that we can bask in that feeling.  But at least we got a chance to celebrate by taking the kids out to Red Robin for lunch on Saturday before heading to the baptism of a niece.
The kids have declared Red Robin their new favorite restaurant.  We just don't go out to eat all that often, so this was super exciting for the girls.

Ryan still has a day at Gonzaga to wrap everything up, and he will still have days he will be "interning" instead of teaching, but the worst of it is over.  The homework is done.

I have to say that again.

THE HOMEWORK IS DONE!  {happy dance and Halleluja Chorus}

I feel like we should make a bonfire with some of that stupid, tedious work he's done, but most of it is strictly on the computer so that won't really work.  Or make a target out of one of the worst of the textbooks he's had to read, and blow it to smithereens.  Just something to show that we survived this, and lived to tell the tale.  It's not the boss of us anymore!

I'll have to just settle for actually seeing my husband when he's physically home.

I can take that.

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