Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Elizabeth's party

I was a little behind getting Elizabeth's birthday party planned.  But I figured perhaps it was fortuitous because now it is definitely warm enough for an outside party.  Elizabeth liked the idea of a party with water activities, so we rolled with it.  We invited some friends, got some food for a bbq, filled up our pool, got the slip and slide set up, and we were set.
The birthday girl
 The kids eating their picnic dinner of hot dogs, chips, and watermelon.

 Elizabeth wanted angel food cake with raspberries and whipped cream for her birthday cake.  And ice cream.
 Time for presents.
Next up-games.
This first one was the kids trying to fill giant Solo cups I found at Walmart by pouring water over their shoulders.  The child pouring was supposed to pour without looking.  The kid on the receiving end had to do the best they could trying to catch the water.

 It was pretty fun.
 Then there were balloons with little prizes inside to pop.
 And throwing wet sponges back and forth.
The party went long, But school is out, and the sun is up late, and the kids were having a good time.  We might as well enjoy it.  Thankfully the heat was not as bad today as it has been, so the evening was pleasant.
So, there you have it.  Summer birthday parties are fun.  We might do that again.

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