Monday, July 20, 2015

Vacation, Day 6

After spending an hour at a DI in Salt Lake and stocking up, we drove down to Provo to check out some of the free museums at BYU.  

 The dinosaur bones were cool.

 The kids wanted to stage the picture like the T-rex was coming after them.
 We also looked at the Art Museum and I, at least, enjoyed it.  My kids are not as appreciative of paintings, pottery, and the church history panorama 22 paintings long.

We drove through BYU, and even went by the MTC.  Ryan had to show us where he spent the longest 14 weeks of his life.

Then we had yet another sandwich picnic across the street from the MTC.  I'm pretty sure no one is going to want another peanut butter sandwich for a very long time once this trip is over.
 You can see the Provo temple behind us.  We parked ourselves on a grassy area posted with a sign that said it was for missionaries only.  There were no missionaries to be seen, so we ignored the sign.  It was pretty hot, and we weren't going to stay long.
 We drove back to Salt Lake City, and went to the Clark Planetarium (another freebie).

 After dinner, the youngest three wanted to play in the splash park found right there at the Gateway Mall.

 They got totally soaked.

Then we were ready to call it a day.
Annie started complaining about her ear again.  After a week of antibiotics, she had stopped saying her ear hurt finally. We tried to figure out what triggered the relapse and realized it was probably the pool the evening before.  So we were back to feverish and cuddly Annie.

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