Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Vacation Continues

We started out our morning with a nice continental breakfast at our hotel. There were do-it-yourself waffles, eggs and sausage, yogurt, fruit, cereal, and juice.  Ryan offered to do waffles, and mine was the one that stuck and fell apart, as usual.  I've always been lucky like that.  Then we were off sight-seeing.  We did the tour of Temple Square, starting with a restroom trip at the south visitor's center.  Then we went to the Tabernacle.

 The Assembly Hall

 The north visitor's center
 They changed out the paintings sometime since our last visit.
 And we got a picture of the girls in front of the Christus.
Walked over and got a tour of the Conference Center.  The main lights were not on, so our picture looks a little odd.  They were replacing the carpet in there.
 On top, we had to check out the water feature.

 Then we walked back over to see the temple.

 A kind stranger offered to take our family's picture.

I love the flowers up by the Church Office Building.  I think I want a patch like this somewhere at home.

 I wanted to get a shot of just Ryan and me in front of the temple- in the wedding picture spot.  You can tell how fond Ryan is of public displays of affection.  (To me his body language says he's not comfortable about this...)

 After watching Meet the Mormons at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, we walked over for a tour of the Beehive House.  It was a much shorter tour than I was used to, I guess due to the extra summer visitors.  It is still a beautiful house.

We had to see Deseret Bookstore, and the kids each got a CTR ring.  We also let the kids pick out something else- Emma wanted a new shirt from H&M, and the rest wanted necklaces from Claires.  I had a moment wishing we had better shopping like this close to us.

 If that wasn't enough activity for one day, we let the kids swim in the pool, while Ryan talked to his mom and I did laundry.
This proved to be not the greatest idea for Annie.  Her ear infection was clearing up with antibiotics and ear drops, and getting pool water in her ear caused a little backslide in her progress.

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