Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Grandpa Camp, the 2015 edition

Today was the beginning of Grandpa Camp.  Ryan and I took the girls to their grandparents house, with bags of clothes, pillows, sunscreen, and sleeping bags.  There was also a bag full of swim suits and our "beach towels" aka the towels the kids are allowed to take out of the house for their water activities.

First off, we had lunch.
 Then the kids got their Grandpa Camp t-shirts on, and we found a field of sunflowers for pictures.  Kim thought it was a good photo op.

 Then we drove out to Moses Lake to play at their city pool.  It's a little more water park than city pool, so it was definitely a lot more fun than ours.
 Emma and Megan in the lazy river.
 Me and Maddie
 Ryan was the only one of us brave enough to try the "Flowrider."
 Although he only boogie boarded.  No surfing for us.
 Charlotte and me, while Blair played in the pool with Simon.
The weather was surprisingly cool and overcast for the middle of July.  Between that and Annie's ear issue, she was ready for some cuddling.  I am more than happy to oblige.

Once we were ready to go, first I went and changed, and I managed to beat Ryan out of the restrooms.

Ok, before this next part of the post, we need some back story.  Ryan has been on the hunt for a new job since May.  He likes being an Ag teacher, but we just spent two years making him ready to get a job in administration.  There haven't been a lot of job openings in administration within our preferred travel radius, but our district superintendent told Ryan to be patient- he was sure something would be opening up for him soon.  We've been waiting and waiting.  The principal at one of the elementary schools in our district was rumored to be sick and would probably need to be replaced, at least for short-term.  Ryan spent several days subbing as an administrator at that school during his internship, and he used that time to make contacts and grease some wheels, and show as many people as he could what a great asset he would make to their team.  Well, finally job was posted for an assistant principal at that school, and Ryan got his application done online and submitted well before going on our vacation.  We really wanted Ryan to be interviewed before we left, but it was not to be.  This is the job Ryan really wanted.  Actually, this was something we both wanted.  We wanted it so badly, and this whole "will it happen/won't it happen" uncertainty has been hanging over us the whole summer.  Well, Ryan went in for his interview yesterday, and felt pretty good about it.  He was told he would hear back in 2-3 days-ish.  Well, with this new bit of fun hanging over us, Ryan thought what's the point in staying home and stewing about it all, and came with me and the girls to go to the first day of Grandpa Camp.

Now back to this post.  I was back from the restroom, and grabbed my phone out of our bag to see if I had any messages while I was waiting for Ryan to get back.  That's when I saw this:  (Just read the last message.)

My mother-in-law must have thought I'd gone bonkers.  I started bouncing, and looked up to see Ryan walking toward me.  I launched myself at my husband and gave him a great big hug and kiss.

This is us- now with Mr. Assistant Principal.

 And on that happy note- back to Grandpa Camp.

The girls got to stain some treasure boxes as the activity for the evening.
 I know from the pictures it looks like I was only sitting there observing, but honestly, I did help the kids with their projects.  Just not when the camera was snapping.
And then Ryan and I headed home for our couple of child-free days.

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