Wednesday, July 8, 2015

In a Cabin in the Woods

Our bishop offered to let us stay at his cabin for a couple of nights.  We weren't quite sure what he meant by "cabin" but we were hoping something along the lines of:
We were game for anything.  I pressed Ryan to ask what kind of cooking there might be, and what we would need to bring.  Is there electricity?  

As it turns out, we were way off the mark.  Their cabin was part of the Suncadia Resort, and is nicer than our house.  Plus, it was furnished.  
 We didn't even need the games we brought.  Games were provided, and we played many games of Sorry!

And we went for a walk.
 The kids put on a play for us up on the balcony.

Ryan's dad is away from home doing a continuing education class for a couple of weeks, and since the cabin had enough room for a small mob, we invited Kim for the second night.

 With Kim watching the girls, Ryan and I decided to take two of the bikes from the garage for a spin.  There are trails going all over the Suncadia resort, and we were game for a nice long ride.

 We were almost done with the loop, and considering extending the loop before heading back when all of a sudden my pedals felt pretty free, and the bike chain was dragging.  (These things only happen to me.)  Guess it was time to head back.  Luckily we were uphill from the "cabin" and I was able to coast (for the most part) back.  When I got slow, Ryan was there to push me from behind.  On the behind.

This is how I took the bike chain back.  And I now get to confess to my bishop that I broke his bike.
It was a very nice couple of nights.  If only all cabin camping was this nice.  :)

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