Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th

We had a nice Independence Day.  Michael, Blair, and family came the night before so they could spend most of the day with us.  In the morning we went to a breakfast at Job and Sarah's house, then we had our own celebration with most of Ryan's family joining us for lunch.  We went down to watch the parade at 4 pm (everyone had decided to decamp by then for their own homes) and sweltered.  It's been so freakishly hot this year.  I think the weather has us confused with the south.  We melted, and watched probably the shortest, lamest parade in Independence history.  It was an especially poor turn-out, so not many people know just how pathetic the parade was.  I guess no one wanted to be out in the heat.
In the evening, our ward rented the city pool so we played until almost 9 pm.  Then we went home to get dried off, get in our pjs, and headed down to watch the fireworks at the high school.  Emma thought that donuts would be a good treat while we were watching the fireworks, so we took a detour through Safeway.  (Those donuts did not make it to the high school....)

Then we watched fireworks.

And finally took our tired selves home to bed.

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