Thursday, March 24, 2011


While unloading the dishwasher this morning, the twins were in the kitchen "helping."  They haphazardly stacked all the cups together, and dumped the silverware in the silverware drawer (they can't see into the drawer when the dishwasher is open, which blocks any chair that could be pulled over). 

While I was putting the plates and bowls away in a cupboard, I heard words that sounded strangely like, "Poke. Poke. Poke." and then an, "Ow."  I turned back around and discovered Maddie stabbing her twin's arm with a fork.

On a positive note, Maddie added a new word to her vocabulary.

Later I jumped in the shower.  I was feeling selfish about the bathroom's warm air, so I locked the bathroom door as soon as I was in.  For some reason if the door isn't locked, then it is open and I freeze.  I know bad things happen when I am in the shower, so I hurried.  Fast.  But that didn't stop Mayhem from visiting.  (Like those commercials for Allstate Insurance, where the guy in a suit wreaks havoc around him.  I swear he visits here way more than he should.)

So I leave the bathroom less than 10 minutes after I entered it and Annie is sans a diaper.  But she does have big girl underwear on.  Two pairs, actually.  And Every. Single. Item. of clothing that was in the twins' dresser is on their floor.


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