Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Visit from the Wee Folk

We got another visit from our Little People friends.  Emma and Elizabeth took time before bed last night to make a couple of leprechaun traps.  They were sure they'd be able to catch one so they could get their hands on a pot of gold.  There were lots of serious faces and plans of what they'd do with the riches once they caught their leprechaun.

Last night came and went, and this is what we found this morning:
 The foot prints started in the kids' room and led all the way to the kitchen and beyond.  There were foot prints in the bathroom, living room, on the tv, on the dishwasher, the front door and numerous other places.
 I think the leprechauns were insulting Emma and Elizabeth's first trap attempts.  There's nothing like foot prints inside the trap to mock you.
 The other trap was checked too, I guess.
 We were left with some Rolo's to ease the pain of not catching a leprechaun.
The kids were beyond excited this morning to find the green foot prints all over the place.  (I mean Christmas and birthday excited.) They were hoping they would be led to a pot of gold, but aside from the Rolo's, all we got was a carton of green milk.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Ellerbeck Family News said...

Very fun!!
If grandma Nissen is interested we would be willing to bring her to the baptism. Could you give her the details
Aunt Jeanne and all

Bridget said...

Cute idea...maybe I'll do that next year (if I remember). What did you do the footprints with?

Andrea said...

Hi there! Stopping by from M&M's link up!!! :)

This is the cutest thing ever! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

I am your newest follower! I hope you have time to visit my blog too! Take care!