Monday, March 14, 2011


Now that Annie and Maddie have their toddler beds, they have free reign of their room at all times.  So far this hasn't been a bad thing.  I had several visions of emptied dresser drawers running through my over-active imagination, but so far, this hasn't come to pass.  (Knock on wood.)  During sleep time, I hasten to add.  They've been emptying out their dresser drawers once a week at least for the past year +, but only during waking hours. 

What they have been doing, is both falling asleep in Annie's bed:
Like their pjs in the second picture?  Well, Emma and Elizabeth were wearing some of my old t-shirts and Annie and Maddie wouldn't give us peace unless they got mommy's old t-shirts too.

Ryan has been moving Maddie back to her own bed before we go to sleep.  Figured it would be silly to let one kick the other awake any earlier than they've been waking up lately....


Heidi E said...

Those pictures are so cute! Glad they have been behaving well in their rooms at night.

Natalie said...

So sweet. I love them all toppled over each other. Makes me wish I was a twin!!