Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Isn't For Dinner

The other night while trying to come up with dinner ideas, I ran across an open bag of bought frozen rolls.  I couldn't honestly remember the last time I purchased any.  (Maybe in the last year...??)  I was just going to quietly chuck the bag in the trash, but the hubby thought we should give them a chance.

I left them thawing on the counter for a bit, and while they were losing their frozen state, rising they were not.  So Ryan tried the "quick-thaw" method with a pan of hot water in the oven.  We would have nice, warm, fresh rolls after the kids went to bed.

Fast forward to snack-time the following day.  I was making brownies for our company on St. Patrick's Day and preheated the oven.  When I opened the oven to put in the brownie batter, the most sorry excuse for a pan of rolls met my eyes.  They looked like half-baked blobs of pancake batter.

So I pulled them out of the oven and baked my brownies.

Later when Ryan got home, I pointed out our pathetic forgotten rolls which I had just left on the stove.  Ryan reheated the oven and finished cooking them so we could have them with our dinner.

Aren't they attractive?
We all tried a bite or two, and later they finished the journey I laid out for them when I pulled them from the freezer- to the trash.

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