Monday, March 21, 2011

Way Back When

One night over dinner Ryan and I regaled our captive audience with tales of all the things that are new since we were born.

"I remember getting our first computer."
"Yah, and playing exciting DOS games like... Pacman."

"I remember my parents getting their first microwave."

"I remember the first cordless phone."

"Remember how chunky those first cell phones were?"

"I remember when we first brought home a VCR."

"Back when I was little, we didn't have CDs or DVDs."

This conversation apparently really dated us in our children's eyes.  Ever since then I get questions about other things that Emma or Elizabeth think might be new since I was a little girl.

"Mommy, did they have paper when you were little?"

"Daddy, did they have cars when you were a kid?"

"Did you have a tv?"

"When did they start making books?"

"Did you cook on a stove or over a fire?"

In Emma and Elizabeth's eyes, our lives must have been like Little House on the Prairie when we were small.  Perhaps this qualifies the grandmas and grandpas for the status of remembering Noah's ark.


Bridget said...

Big smiles. Ha ha. I remember 8 tracks and record players.

Bingham Family said...

Holy cow, I couldn't stop laughing!